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Alaris En Route/Approach

Approaching Perfection

Through consultations with select Aviation Agencies and ATC front line experts, Evans has designed Alaris En Route I Approach specifically for the demands of En Route and Approach control operations.

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Designed for the Operator

The Alaris En Route I Approach Consoles are engineered for maximum design and operational flexibility. Each console is tailored to the unique requirements of our customers, taking into consideration every piece of equipment and its desired operator interaction. The operational flexibility allows for the equipment to be changed or re-configured after installation, thus increasing the life expectancy and reducing total cost of ownership of the product. With experts in the area of design, engineering, architecture, program management, ergonomics and ATC SME knowledge, the Evans team can work with you at each stage of your project in order to ensure the desired functionality of your facility.

Slat Wall

The slatted steel and aluminum panel slat wall is the main support structure for all of the mounted accessories. Using this technology, equipment can be installed and adjusted to fit the user's desired configuration making it extremely versatile and accommodating.

Flexible Solutions

This console solution supports the unique needs of both Terminal and En Route. The multiple levels of equipment mounting allow for endless customization to fit the needs and requirements of the space. The flexible Alaris En Route \Approach solutions support electronic displays and paper flight strip bays making it one of the most versatile solutions on the market.

Exceptional Storage

Exceptional storage capacity provides room for processors, organized cable management and additional peripherals to be stored safely.