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Dispatch™ III

Built for Dispatchers

Arguably the most dynamic ergonomic solution for the 24/7 emergency dispatch facility, the innovative Evans Dispatch™ III console is in a class of its own.

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Evans Consoles: Dispatch 911, Public ServiceNow Available in 90 Degrees

Now you can put the Dispatch™ III console in the corner, with the new 90 degree configuration.  This configuration allows room for the popular Evans Unity Arm to be used. If your facility is tight on space, the new 90 degree Dispatch™ III console should make it easier to configure the room you need. Speak with one of our Regional Sales Managers on how this configuration can be used in your solution. 



Evans Consoles: PowerLinc Power Distribution SystemPowerLinc™

Much more than just a power bar, the innovative PowerLinc™ system can fully energize a console. One PowerLinc™ bar provides three 20 Amp circuits. With three circuits on board and the easy pass-through connector, PowerLinc™ enables multiple console configurations and ultimate layout flexibility. 
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Evans Consoles: Dispatch 911, Public ServiceIntegrated Personal Storage

Designed with the user in mind the Dispatch III incorporated room for personal storage built into the console. This exciting new feature is the first within a Dispatch console and will eliminate clutter and allow the operator to utilize the entire worksurface.



Cable Management System

The modular structure of the Dispatch III provides efficient equipment and cable management necessary in any critical environment. Cables running to worksurface-mounted devices are routed through an E-chain and the slatwall, permitting clean and efficient routing and bundling. Dual separated partitioned wire management channels help keep power, data, RF and ground cabling separated.



The new EnviroLinc™ (Environmental Control Unit) is customizable comfort at your fingertips. Fully integrated into the console, the ECU allows the operator to control many different features including fan speed, temperature , height of surfaces and lighting.

The EnviroLinc™ eliminates the need for extra fans or heaters, leaving the workspace clear. This revolutionary system has changed the future of operator comfort.
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Anti-Collision System

Dispatch™ III incorporates a pressure sensitive plate stopping the downward motion once an obstruction is detected. This Anti-Collision System (ACS) is designed to protect the user and any equipment that might be in the way.



Evans Consoles: Dispatch 911, Public ServiceIncorporated Power + Data Receptacles

Worksurface power and data access is no longer on the wish list. Dispatch™ III incorporates both pop-up power and data access within the worksurface and open access within the slatwall. These customizable ports can include USB, power, HDMI and Cat6 for wired Internet connectivity.


Evans Consoles : Dispatch III : Emergency , Public SafetyUltimate Flexibility

Designed with the user experience in mind. The new Dispatch™ III showcases what is possible when design and function meet. Adjustable modular slatwall, various console configurations, and virtually endless customization options make Dispatch III the ultimate Public Safety console and the shift to better.