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Create Your Identity

Limited only by your imagination, Evans' Identity™ is our most flexible console platform design and sets the industry standard for ergonomic performance and appearance.

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Evans Consoles : Identity Control Room SolutionExtremely Customizable

The Identity™ console displays a virtually unlimited series of options from fully enclosed to fully open, a complete array of finishes and worksurface materials, adjustable worksurfaces to static surfaces and all options in between. Whether you are looking for an open-desk or closed-desk configuration, reduced-depth or full-depth, sit-stand capabilities, or a combination of all the above, Identity offers you unmatched flexibility. Parametric in virtually all directions, the Identity™ can be easily configured to almost any layout. And as technology or your specific needs change, many layouts can be retrofitted to meet those requirements.



Portal Framework

The central frame structure is designed as a “portal” system. This open architecture allows complete flexibility for internal equipment configuration. The space between the upper and lower portions of the console is barrier-free, permitting equipment to float into either plane as required and thus supporting larger processors and auxiliary equipment.


Unlimited Configurations

Designed to push the bounds of tailored solutions, Identity’s parametric frame can be customized to any layout configuration. From a technical perspective, almost any requirement can be matched.  Thanks to the strength and durability of its robust frame, it is the only console to be seismically rated. Reach distances, viewing angles, equipment and workflow needs have all been carefully considered. With its huge variety of options the Identity is ideal for any application. In open or closed configurations, fixed or Sit-Stand, The Identity™ is the preferred choice for premium consoles around the world.


Earthquake Proof

The Evans Identity is Bellcore/Seismic Rated and meets Bellcore GR-63-CORE Zone 4 requirements, meaning it can withstand earthquakes of the most damaging magnitude: 8.3 on the Richter scale! Because of this unprecedented certification, Evans Consoles is unique in our ability to offer a variety of "earthquake proof" consoles in both fixed and sit-stand configurations.