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Situational Awareness LED Products

LumiLinc™ lifts situational awareness to a whole new level by bringing style and sophistication to visual monitoring systems.  With LumiLinc™ large display panels are unobtrusive during normal operations but provide prominent visual alerts in escalated states. Different colors of LEDs can identify with different situations as defined by own operations.  The flexible and customizable LumiLinc™ is the future of visual monitoring systems. Activate LEDs through our manual switches, use the on screen digital interface, or integrate LumiLinc™ with your existing systems.

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Evans Consoles : Identity Control Room Solution

Identify. Respond. React.

LumiLinc™ is designed to interact with the dynamic environment of the modern control room. Providing bright, striking illuminated displays allows all members of the control room to quickly ascertain the status of their team, or  the entire facility. 

  • Elegant Design – simple and unobtrusive
  • Seamless integration with console design
  • Ambiance with custom colors and levels
  • Integrated branding


Prioritize Your Control Floor At A Glance

  • Customized identifiers for functional units or groups
  • Area information and frosted logo/text notification
  • Availability and logistics clearly visible
  • Improved situational awareness
  • Minimized response times



Technical Information

  • 12V power supply
  • 1 Amp per channel
  • System malfunction notifications
  • Light up to 5 Meters of RGB LED 
    strip (up to 16 million colors)
  • Pre programmed analogue switch colors 
    Red Green Blue Amber and White
  • Customizable Digital Interface (USB)
  • Software development kit: Integrate with your 
    existing communications / alarms systems