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NC Operator - PM

Job Title: 

NC Operator - PM Shift

Position Location: 

Calgary, Alberta

Date Posted: 

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Position Overview: 

Operation of NC machines in order to produce required components and materials. Perform scheduled preventative maintenance of equipment. 

Key Responsibilities: 

 Set-up of equipment such as program, tooling, materials

 Run programs applicable to equipment and ‘QA’ parts per drawing; adjust/revise as may be required

 Follow routing, deliver components to next part of process

 Ensure production expectations are met and/or report on issues/concerns with respect to schedule

 Ensure safety standards are maintained/respected, report all concerns

 Complete scheduled equipment check based on maintenance checklist, report any concerns

Provide direction and guidance on parts/ components that may require expediting.

 Resolve problems within position scope including drawings, assemblies, shortage or missing parts

 Assist in other areas as may be required by schedule, loading, continuous improvement initiative(s) or other investigative issues   

Required Qualifications: 

 Clear and succinct oral/ written communication skills
 Proficient in the use of hand tools and measuring equipment
 Able to interpret/read technical drawings
 Able to clearly communicate key information to other operators and supervisors. 
 Familiar with equipment set-up and related codes for the equipment
 Proficient at set-up and operation of the Beam Saw, DET, Panel Saw, Elmo table saw and Edge-Bander
 Familiar with fabricated parts and components/ related materials, manufacturing processes, quality and safety standards
 Solid understand of equipment maintenance as related to the position
 Able to resolve problems, make recommendations, seek solutions.
 Comfortable cross-training others as may be necessary 
 Demonstrated track record on attendance/ punctuality
Team player
 Reliable 
 Accountable
 Responsible
 Disciplined, takes own initiative
 Organized
 Able to multi-task in an unpredictable work environment 
 Minimum high school
 Minimum 1 year Evans experience or equivalent industry experience  
 Interact with Supervisor and other members of the team and those they interface with. 

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