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Engineering (Mechanical) Designer - 2 Positions

Job Title: 

Engineering (Mechanical) Designer

Position Location: 

Calgary, Alberta

Date Posted: 

Monday, July 23, 2018

Position Overview: 

The Designer combines design, business and engineering skills to create products that meet customer and market needs more effectively. The Designer works within a team of technical professionals that includes both Technologists and Engineers and will accomplish his/her tasks through collaboration with Marketing, other Technical and Sales resources as well as Manufacturing throughout the product-development process to provide new product development and enhancements or upgrades to existing products.

Key Responsibilities: 

First Principle Design Development
The Designer is responsible for providing technical product expertise, new product development and/or enhancements to existing and new products. As a 3-D software expert, the Designer will review specifications and other data to develop 3-D mechanical layout drawings. He or she will have a strong working knowledge of mechanical parts , the development of prototypes, testing, certification, demonstration sessions, process set-up, manuals and other stakeholder training.
Technical Sales Support
A key aspect of the role will be to interact with various stakeholders in developing new product and project specific design solutions. The interactions will be with both internal stakeholders (Sales, Marketing and Executive) as well as external stakeholders (Customers, Channel Partners and External Vendors). As part of sales support, the Designer shall be responsible for developing conceptual design solutions through to prototype manufacturing as well as being able to support sales in both online and onsite presentations.
Design Automation
The Designer will be responsible for developing Master Models for product lines being developed and launched in design. The master models shall have all of the product logic and relevant core information to allow for quick design modification, creation of accurate BOM’s and detailed costing of the product solutions.
Product Costing
A key aspect of the role will be the ability to develop costing information during the development process and share this information with key internal stakeholders. This includes component costing, development of molds or extrusions and similar.
Components of the Position
Market research and product research are the starting points for a product designer. By talking to customers and sales staff or visiting product review sites, product designers find out what customers want from a product, how they use it and why they prefer certain product features over others. Designers also assess competitors’ products to identify important features and compare performance with equivalent company products. Research helps developers identify the key requirements for a new product or a product upgrade.
To take the product-development program forward, the company may form a project team with the product designer playing a central coordinating role. Using the research findings, the Designer will put together a product specification
that includes a wish list of possible new features. The Designer will then consult with expert colleagues on his Team and other internal stakeholders to identify the features that can be incorporated within the cost and technical constraints. The Marketing team will also have a view on the features that are most important to customers. Design When the project team has agreed on the specification, the product designer carries out or supervises detailed design work, preparing working drawings and a prototype if required. The Designer collaborates with Engineering and manufacturing to ensure that the design takes advantage of the latest materials or technologies. Development At each stage of the project, the Designer will submit proposals and designs for review by the project team and other decision makers before moving to the next stage. This process ensures that the design continues to meet its marketing, technical and financial objectives. As the design is finalized, the Designer prepares final cost estimates and detailed production specifications for the manufacturing team. Product Launch (Implementation) The designer will be responsible for developing all technical product launch information including product logic, manuals, master models, training and similar.
Other Responsibilities:
Back up for Design and/or Project Management on highly custom projects whose tasks include:
  • Designs complex or highly customized control room / product solutions in both 2D and 3D software systems (includes Drawings, BoM’s (Bill of Materials), and other design related documents)
  • Provides technical / Design mentorship and training of junior designers
  • Provides technical product / project direction to Sales, Project management and Manufacturing
  • Defines, maintains, and ensures accuracy in Evans product standards (including value engineering)
  • Supports in the development of new products and processes
  • Provides time estimates of incoming projects
  • Completes project sign-offs and ensures project accuracy
  • Develop, coordinate and oversee all tasks, proposal/quote preparation, work plans, timelines, logistics, critical dates, third party interfaces, performance quality, budget, and project administration, for each assigned project or program.
  • Establish overall scope and success criteria; ensure positive customer experience for projects or programs.
  • Direct dealer/manufacturer/client team to achieve mutual goals and communicate status throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Assessment and/or design study of new opportunities including competitive bids
  • Work with internal and external resources for the creation of room layout, space planning and conceptual drawings
  • Pricing/proposals/revisions/change orders as may be applicable
  • Project Management of sold proposals utilizing company’s internal processes
  • Technical client interface with sales, clients, integrators, dealers
  • Takes lead on sign-off of the completed project, post fabrication and customer sign off
  • Function as the primary client interface for control room furniture and/or integrated turnkey projects.
The Designer is expected to be a subject matter expert that will routinely interact will almost all parts of the organization and external stakeholders.

Required Qualifications: 

Education / Experience Desired
  •  Technical college Diploma at a minimum
  •  Bachelor degree desired.
  •  3+ years related experience in a Manufacturing environment

Special Requirements, Attributes:

  • Exceptional creative skills in terms of product design and mechanical design
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent presentation skills and comfort in presenting to large groups of intenal and external stakeholders.
  • Excellent knowledge of 3D modeling software including basic modelling, parametric automation and I-Logic and similar
  • Knowledge of programming,

Certification: Autodesk

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