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Director of Marketing

Job Title: 

Director of Marketing

Position Location: 

Calgary, Alberta

Date Posted: 

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Position Overview: 

Responsible for the leadership, planning, development and implementation of all of the Organization’s marketing strategies, marketing communications, business development and public relations activities, both external and internal

Key Responsibilities: 

Key Responsibilities:
  • Provide strategic thought, vision and planning to marketing function
  • Provide marketing direction , planning and vision to the company
  • Coordinate delivery of all marketing activity under direction of COO
  • Coordinate delivery of all marketing collateral
  • Coordinate tradeshow and demo activities
  • Support and develop e-marketing/SEO programs
  • Support and develop lead generation activities
  • Support and develop public relations (PR) programs
  • Support website development and on-going content maintenance
  • Provide product direction input
  • Provide market and competitor research capability
  • Maintain corporate showrooms worldwide
  • Support strategic programs as required
  • Support salesforce as required
Other Duties Include:
  • Maintain corporate showrooms
  • Deals directly with all facets of Sales and Marketing
  • Develops relationships with the customer community
  • Works regularly with the entire Sales team

Required Qualifications: 

  • Post-secondary degree (preferably MBA) or BComm/BMkt’g and 10+ years experience
  • Project Management Experience/Training
  • Strong e-marketing background / SEO / …
  • Graphic design experience and training (Illustrator, #D Studio, …)
  • Sales & Marketing departments experience
Competencies Required:
  • Strong knowledge of marketing and graphics software packages
  • Good marketing knowledge

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